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Asew 6th edition summit

27 June 2024 | Events

Asew 6th edition summit flyer

The Sustaining Impact Summit (SIS) is an annual event aimed at promoting self-sustainability among impact-focused organizations in Africa. Each year, SIS brings together social enterprises and NGOs, alongside industry experts, policymakers, and representatives from local and international development organizations to explore how impact-focused organizations can sustainably resource their impact-related work, particularly in cases of limited or no external support.

African social enterprises and NGOs play a crucial role in addressing various social-economic and environmental challenges across Africa. While this is widely acknowledged, understanding how they navigate their resource-constrained settings to address sustainable development challenges remains limited.

These impact-focused organizations often face constraints related to resources, hindering their ability to achieve sustainable impact at scale.

By understanding, attracting, and effectively managing resources, social enterprises can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and positive change, thereby playing a pivotal role in catalyzing the sustainable development of Africa. Join us to explore opportunities, gaps, and strategies for sustaining impact initiatives in Africa.

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