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Breaking the cycle of poverty

12 January 2022 | Member Stories

The power of the heels C2030 Member Story

SDG 4 Quality Education SDG 5 Gender Equality

The Power of the Heels Foundation, based in Miami, US, works with underprivileged and high-risk girls as well as some of their mothers to break the cycle of poverty.

Social entrepreneurs are known for finding solutions for society’s problems. What is the problem that you are addressing, and what is your solution?

One of the problems we see among the girls we work with is a lack of financial literacy and of the skills that are needed to make a change.

Our programme, Loving Me More, is giving those girls the necessary tools to be independent, financially savvy and emotionally healthy. We use mentoring and education to disrupt the poverty.

These are some of the tools we are bringing to them:

  • Healthy relations – dealing with peer pressure and bullying
  • Money matters – budgets, grants, jobs and financial aid
  • Wellness – time and stress management, increasing resilience, mindful living, coping tools, meditation techniques
  • Networking skills – resume writing, interview skills
  • Etiquette – personal branding, public speaking
  • Leadership tools – organisational skills, planning, internships
  • Mentorship – support system, ethics, tech literacy

We are also starting The Club in high schools. By providing a safe space, and dealing with different topics, we can reach out and offer help and internships as well as mentoring.

What do you see as the benefit of your Catalyst 2030 membership?

Connecting with the members, inspiration and ideas as well as being part of a global initiative for real change. By creating a partnership with women’s organisations we can also expand our program to other municipalities in order to help even more girls and women.

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