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Building Enabling Ecosystems for Social Enterprises

6 March 2023 | Collaborations

“Entrepreneurs are at the heart of Africa’s socio-economic growth.” These words from Rosemary Okello-Orlale, Director of Africa Media Hub, framed her call for all those invested in entrepreneurship to build a supportive community for young entrepreneurs and their social enterprise journeys. Keyinde Ayeni CEO of LEAP Africa agreed and added that her organisation helped to build sustainability for young social entrepreneurs.

The two were panellists at the February forum of Africa Forward which was themed Building Enabling Ecosystems for Social Enterprises.

Rosemary called on government, civil society, corporates, entrepreneurs and others to work in partnership towards the sustainability of the sector. Keyinde described how LEAP’s 10-year old Social Innovation programme and awards, an accelerator programme, challenges young entrepreneurs to solve the pressing issues in their communities. LEAP then helps them to make their innovations scalable and profitable.

Africa Forward is a Catalyst 2030 initiative established to set a new narrative about Africa. The monthly forums encourage collaboration and inspire social entrepreneurs through shared stories. The February forum was moderated by Kristine Pearson, a social entrepreneur who is CEO of Lifeline Energy and LESA Communications.

Be sure to join the March 2023 Africa Forward Forum.

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