Catalyst 2030 Awards | 2021

Catalyst 2030 Awards

Accelerating collaborative systems change by celebrating the ecosystem that makes it possible.

Catalyst 2030 believes there is an urgent need to find, fund and support transformative solutions at a greater pace than ever to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Equally, we believe collaborative systems change can help us achieve this objective. This means bringing together the ecosystems – individual philanthropists, donor organisations, impact investors, corporate funders, government agencies and multilaterals – to join forces in fundamentally rethinking and redesigning the ways social entrepreneurs are being supported.

Catalyst 2030 Awards




The Catalyst 2030 Awards – For Systemic Change

Celebration is one of life’s most important, and enjoyable, traditions. It is how we come together to mark significant accomplishments. And, as we believe in the Catalyst 2030 community, celebration is a great way to encourage, inspire and re-energise each other along the way to doing great things.

At Catalyst 2030, we have joined together as social entrepreneurs to pursue big ideas for achieving the incredible vision of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. And as we have done so, we have been gathering around us an amazing group of allies who are essential if we are to turn these ideas into world-changing action.

We have found some remarkable people and organisations who really get it – in philanthropy, in government, in multilaterals and in business. They are allies who understand that many of the traditional ways of funding social entrepreneurs are not enough to get the job done. They recognise that a new collaborative, co-creative ecosystem with a fundamentally better approach to supporting systems change is needed, if we truly are to move the dial on the SDGs.

We want to celebrate these inspiring allies, the pioneers who are collaborating with us most effectively to design the systems that will deliver the SDGs. We want to show our appreciation and shine a light on their innovative best practices to encourage others to follow their inspiring lead.

That is why on 25 March 2021, we are conferring our first Catalyst 2030 Awards for Supporting Systems Change. Please celebrate with us the remarkable allies who are making transformational change possible.

Karen Spencer and Emily Kasriel

Emily Kasriel and Karen Spencer, Althorp House

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