Catalysing Change Week | 3-7 May 2021

Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate.

Catalyst 2030 Diversity Survey

Who are we collectively? So many cultures, worldviews, languages… let’s find out & support each other in becoming more inclusive, equitable and effective.

Please take the 3+ minute survey to discover and celebrate our cultural diversity. The survey is anonymous and you can decide not to answer specific questions.

Survey Links

For C2030 Members

Click through to survey

For Non C2030 Members

Click through to survey

The aggregated information will be shared through visuals like this:

DA dashboard overview

Catalyst 2030 member Cultural Infusion gifted their Diversity Atlas survey to us all to discover our rich collective cultural heritage. Diversity Atlas was developed to teach cultural humility and understanding in schools. Diversity Atlas is the product of 6+ years of peer-reviewed R&D, and its databases of languages, worldviews and cultural heritages include tens of thousands of records of the world’s intangible and rich cultural diversity. Diversity Atlas is used by major international organisations, companies and the government sector.

The data is hosted on AWS servers in Australia. Data from Catalyst Week C2030 Non-Members will be deleted one week after the end of Catalyse 2030 Week. If you don’t understand any question, you can check the FAQ for more information. Find here also a copy of their privacy policy.

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