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Catalyst 2030 Membership Survey Results for 2022

6 December 2022 | Catalyst 2030 News

Member survey report 2022

Listening to the Members: The 2022 Annual Membership Survey Results

As we continue to grow globally and rapidly as a movement, the need to assess our efforts and impact of working together to accelerate change is crucial. This report provides an interim data point for 2022 and explores the findings, lessons learned and next steps going forward. 

One member stated in the survey: “Catalyst has provided social entrepreneurs a seat at the table by empowering us with knowledge on how we can leverage the power of collaborations to bring about systems change, sources for funding and create social change”.

The membership survey results revealed that members identify the four most valuable Catalyst 2030 programmes as:


Country / Regional Chapters

Working Groups

Learning Series

The main lessons learned from the findings that will help guide direction for Catalyst 2030 in the upcoming year include:

  1. Increasing collaborations and opportunities for social entrepreneurs
  2. The chapter movement is key to success
  3. Stronger membership engagement and information sharing
  4. Need to accelerate awareness and impact of the movement

With member responses, the network will need to provide the structures to ensure our members feel that Catalyst 2030 is a movement in which they can thrive and have impact. This includes clear directions on what members can do and participate within the network and identify potential collaborations.

Another member stated:

“Catalyst 2030 has made me realise that when we are in collaboration, great things happen”.

We continue our journey of learning, connecting diverse and like-minded social innovators around the world, with a common goal and mindset of fulfilling the SDGs together. As we put focus on improving our community, we equally must focus on celebrating the transformative and tremendous work we have accomplished so far.

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