Catalysing Change Week | 3-7 May 2021

Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate.

How to get involved in the Catalysing Change Week?

Here are some FAQs you might have about the week and steps you can take prior to and during the week to get involved.

What is the Catalysing Change Week?

Catalysing Change Week is an annual Catalyst 2030 event over which we bring together our key stakeholders: Social entrepreneurs, the private sector, governments, funders, and other agencies involved in systems change gather virtually to showcase their systems change efforts and the best practices that can accelerate our pursuit of the SDGs.

Who can participate during Catalysing Change Week?

Everyone is welcome to participate. However, only Catalyst 2030 members and Catalyst 2030 Awards finalists host sessions. All sessions are co-created with our membership. Catalyst 2030’s Secretariat will facilitate and organise the sessions.

How do I sign up and participate in sessions?

During the Catalysing Change Week multiple sessions will take place, covering many different issues. Session can be viewed through the‘Explore sessions’ page.

  1. Click on the title of an event in the feed to open that event’s details page, where the registration link will be available.
  2. Click on the registration link to open the session registration form.

How can we share sessions via our channels?

With more than 100 sessions taking place, momentum amongst our members and participants will be strong. To leverage outreach and engage a larger external audience we encourage you to share about the week and sessions via your social and mainstream media channels. A Communications Tool kit has been prepared to help with promoting sessions, and is available for download here.

Communications Toolkit sample

What if I miss a session? Can I watch it later?

Yes, you’ll be able to find it on our YouTube channel, so remember to subscribe.

How can external stakeholders and our networks be invited?

To leverage as much outreach as possible, invite your networks and stakeholders to  participate in the sessions. Download the communications toolkit here.

How will we ensure that Catalysing Change Week delivers on its aims?

Catalysing Change Week will be an inclusive week. We will invite our membership and external stakeholders to take part in discussions to Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate. We eagerly welcome your feedback as we are continuously learning and co-creating with you. We’ll be monitoring the progress of the event to help ensure that our aims – as set out in our Theory of Change – are achieved.

What happens beyond Catalysing Change Week?

Catalysing Change Week is one step along the path to change what we want to see. We will continue advocacy beyond the first week of May and liaise with governments and multilateral entities such as the G7 and G20. Further, we will be working on the People’s SDG Report which will incorporate the inputs you make throughout the week. You can continue your collaborative journey in and with our community.

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