Systemic Constellation: what collaboration challenges do you face?

Jenny Plaister (10 Consulting)

Systemic constellations help stakeholders surface new perspectives and embodied insights from a system. Participants take on the role of different actors in the system. This interactive experience will illuminate some barriers to collaboration, and then move towards potential solutions.

TAGS: Systemic Tools

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From Youth Perspectives to Youth Empowerment – Part 1

Session Hosts: Dream a Dream, Design-a-thon Works, YouthxYouth, DIKSHA Speakers: Youth representatives from partner organizations in India, Netherlands, UK, and Nigeria (TBD), Mr Anindit Roy Chowdhury, Director – Programmes and Policy, Save the Children India

Catalyst 2030 organisations working specifically with Youth are invited to join the official launch of the Youth Empowerment Circle. Youth members present their challenges, co-create solutions to be taken into the next policy session.

TAGS: Youth Empowerment Circle

3. Good Health and Well-being 4. Quality Education 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Going to Waste: The Global Flows of Textile Waste

1. Wilma Rodrigues (Saahas Zero Waste), 2. Ann Runnel (Reverse Resources), 3. Tanushri Shukla (CAIF)

CAIF’s animated film “Going to Waste” depicts the journey of a T-shirt to map the textile waste ecosystem in India. With this, we hope to engage the industry on the need for a collaborative ecosystem level intervention that is inclusive of the workers at the bottom of the pyramid.

TAGS: Fashion

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Igniting the Fire of Transformation Beyond the Network Horizon

1. Krisztina Jonas (Stockholm University/Stockholm Resilience Centre & Inner Dimensions Workstream), 2. Suzanne Bowles (Cattail Strategy, Integration Workstream & Catalysts 2030), 3. Mutizwa Mukute (Department of Education, Rhodes University; Social Learning and Innovation LTD & South South Workstream), 4. Juliana Bohorquez (SysLab Colombia and Mapping the Mappers Workstream), 5. Tsitsi Maradze (OD Practitioner; Development Consultant & South-South Workstream), 6. Glenn Page (SustainaMetrix & Gulf of Maine Workstream)

Is transformation possible through online connection? Meet members of another systems change network launched at the same time as Catalyst 2030, Transformation Systems Mapping & Analysis Working Group. With engagement from more than 26 countries and multiple disciplines we have explored the use of principles embodiment, social systems mapping, and group collaborative design to lead us beyond the network horizon!

TAGS: Mapping Systems

10. Reduced Inequality 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 13. Climate Action 14. Life Below Water 15. Life on Land 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Creative Movement

Tripura Kashyap (Creative Movement Therapy Association of India)

Creative Movement is a psychotherapeutic framework that works with the mind-body connection to use personal movement language and dance for the health and wellness of an individual’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral aspects. Address needs and issues through your body.

TAGS: Wellbeing

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Eurythmy Dancing

Judith Byford (Eurythmy Therapy)

Eurythmy therapy is a powerful practice developed to restore balance in our whole body. It’s an active healing process allowing you to consciously participate in the process of achieving balance, good health, and has been proven beneficial for all ages to improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

TAGS: Wellbeing

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From Youth Perspectives to Youth Empowerment – Part 2

Nidhi Kanaujia (Study Hall Foundation), Kenneth Kwok (KidsforSDGs), Alex Lee (KidsforSDGs), Almaaz Mudaly (Youth Climate Action Plan), Sagarika Sriram (Kids4aBetterWorld), Alvin Wong (KidsforSDGs)

Policy and applied frameworks to implement youth empowerment session 1

TAGS: Youth

3. Good Health and Well-being 4. Quality Education 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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How to align synergy of Stakeholders in the ASEAN region

1. Temuulen Bayaraa (Equity Lab), 2. Jack Sim (World Toilet Organization), 3. Rajesh Varghese (Ashoka)

There are about one million social entrepreneurs in the 10 ASEAN region countries. We want to map and match them into categories that can collaborate with one other making it easier to find each other for mutual areas of interests.

TAGS: Chapter ASEAN, Membership

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Mobilising Philanthropy for Africa’s Development

1. Eme Iniekung (Philanthropy Circuit), 2. Charles Kojo Vandyck (West Africa Civil Society Institute), 3. Ese Emerhi (The Global Fund for Community Foundations), 4. Tendai Murisa (SIVIO)

Three takeaways for this session are- focusing on the importance of community, collaboration & capacity-building in Africa’s development, reimagining resource mobilization for Africa’s development, and questioning why we must build philanthropic research & data for Africa’s development.

TAGS: Philanthropy

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Partnering with National NGOs to Achieve System Change

1. Muhannad Al Jarrah (INJAZ), 2. Hassan Mahtat (Aflatoun International), 3. Irene Mutumba (PEDN)

In this session, the host and speakers will share AFlatoun’s experience in achieving system change by the integration of Social and Financial Education into the national curricula. The session will highlight how Aflatoun partnered with relevant local NGOs and stakeholders, and how together they advocated with the national authorities and worked towards policy and system change, thus integrating the Aflatoun programme into the national education system.

TAGS: Youth, Education Partnership

1. No Poverty 4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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