These collaborations are member joint ventures to accelerate the progress towards systemic change and come in all forms and sizes. (We encourage members to connect through the Catalyst Zoho feed.)

Collaboration: PDA

Digitally enable capacity building efforts, generate trusted and verifiable data as an exhaust from interactions in the field, and unlock previously unimagined opportunities for collaboration at scale.

Organisations Collaborating: Daily Dump, Foundation for Ecological Security, Indsutree Foundation, Arghyam, Infection Control Africa Network
Lead: Anand Arkalgud (Socion)

Collaboration: COVID 19 Care Monitoring Coalition

Track real-time data on the quality & safety of health care provided in the context of COVID-19. Also seek to help at-risk groups to have adequate safeguards & access to needed health care.

Organisations Collaborating: 70 orgs
Lead: Fredrik Galtung (TrueFootprint)

Collaboration: CoLabs

Lead: Therese von Blixen (Sime Social Impact), Winthrop Carty, Kristin Peterson

Collaboration: Infographics

Looking at new and interesting ways to display information about Catalyst member organisations and their work.

Lead: Seth Cochran (Operation Fistula)

Collaboration: Creative Dignity

A movement that has brought together diverse creative producers, practitioners and professionals to energise the ecosystem that Indian artisans need in this time of COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 impact. Its focus is to provide relief, and rejuvenation of the artisans in a bid to ensure their sustained prosperity.

Organisations Collaborating: 150+ orgs, see full list here
Lead: Neelam Chhiber (Industree Foundation)

Collaboration: Bounce Beyond Next Economies

10 collaborating next economies community transformations lead by a global community of practitioners with deep transformations expertise and leaders in developing next economies. Seeing new possibilities beyond what has been historically underway.

Lead: Steve Waddell (SDG Transformations Forum)

Collaboration: Design a Better World

The Design-athon Works Foundation enables children to design a better world. The aim is to reach 1 million children who become changemakers for a better world. Design-athon is located in the Netherlands, but works through a network of partners across 20 countries. Leading at Youth collaboration corner.

Coming up calls to action we would have are:
– Join our SDG 7 challenges with children from Dec to Jan 2021
– Looking for a new network partner in India

Organisations Collaborating: Youth collaboration corner, Ashoka NL, Ashoka US Ashoka EU, Jeroo Billimoria who supports us with One family Foundation, Building a Better Economy Challenge
Lead: Emer Beamer (Ashoka)

Collaboration: COVID Action Collaborative

This is a network of multidiscoplinary organisations representing the public, private, civil society, academic and other sectors who pool their expertise and resources to support the most vulnerable survive and thrive during humanitarian crises. The Collaborative addresses the COVID-19 crisis by driving comprehensive and coordinated action with people at the very centre – preventing new infections, mitigating impact for those affected, facilitating resilience building for communities to thrive and a dynamic humanitarian response system. The Collaborative helps set a working framework for community-led crises mitigation and response for now and build an ecosystem for the future.

Organisations Collaborating: The Collaborative has 285 organisations as members
Lead: Shama Karkal (Swasti)

Collaboration: One Shared School

One Shared School is an online platform that aims to encourage and facilitate sharing and twinning between schools across the globe, thus developing global citizenship and improving the quality of education.

Lead: Paula Conaghan (One Shared School)

Collaboration: Impact Conveners Trust

Leading a collaboration with 6 conveners to launch a new Impact Conveners Trust (falling under SDG17). The Trust is an opportunity to decolonise the impact convening ecosystem with a steward owned organisation and governance, financial benefit, and management structures co-created with marginalised stakeholders.

Lead: Avary Kent (Impact Conveners Trust)

Collaboration: Connecting Young Changemakers

Started a CC on Zoho (Youth and Education): Most active focus is involving children and youth in catalyst 2030 (currently collating a database of YP), second focus is connecting young changemakers across catalyst partners.

Lead: Emer Beamer (Designathon), Karima Kadaoui (Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development), Yianny Ioannou (TackleAfrica), Deep Jyoti (Farm2Food), Olivier Nkunzurwanda (Refugee Innovation Center)

Collaboration: Building a Better Economy

Fourth Sector Group, in collaboration with others, has set up a policy challenge focused on “Building a Better Economy”. This Hackathon aims to spur the development of effective policy solutions that governments can deploy to build better by harnessing the power and potential of the fourth sector to address our most pressing challenges- from quality health care for all, to unemployment, education, digital access, housing, poverty, structural inequality, climate change, and more. Catalyst 2030 has partnered with and submitted challenges for the Hackathon’s pre-launch. It will run from September 8th to October 28th, at which point policy recommendations will be publicly presented.

Lead: Heerad Sabeti (Fourth Sector Group), David Parejo (Network ICICI)

Collaboration: Sankalp Summit

2nd-6th of Nov | Bring together 5,000 people virtually (entrepreneurs, investors, etc.) to talk about ag tech, health care, financial inclusions, sanitation, livelihoods, agriculture, impact investing.

Lead: Urvashi Devidayal (Intellecap)

Collaboration: We Love Reading Ambassador Training

We Love Reading, a 15 year old community organization that has spread to 56 countries, works with refugees and vulnerable communities in Jordan and the MENA region. We aim to foster a love of reading through reading aloud by local volunteers, majority women, as a channel to improve education, build resilience and create changemakers with a mindset of “I can” within the community. We Love Reading partnered with Greater Translogic Advisory services from South Africa to host the Online We Love Reading Ambassador Training, free of charge, with unlimited number of participants. This will help We Love Reading add more languages to the platform to expand the reach of the program to get to other people around the world!

Organisations Collaborating: We Love Reading, Greater Translogic Advisory
Lead: Rana Dajani (We Love Reading)

Collaboration: Katha App

Jack introduced Industree to Microsoft and built a story app with them so any artisanal community anywhere in the world can use this app to tell stories. Microsoft built it in a hackathon and now the app is being taken to the next stage by improving UI with students. This will go on PIE which is a global platform so anyone can use it.

Organisations Collaborating: Industree Foundation, BOP Hub
Lead: Neelam Chhiber (Industree Foundation), Jack Sim (BOP Hub)

Collaboration: Launching Startups

Satgana is a global Venture Builder on a mission to launch startups addressing the SDGs by investing human and financial capital into idea-stage startups

Lead: Romain Diaz (Satgana)

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