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Digitally Reimagining Cross-Sector Convergence (2020 Skoll World Forum Recording)

8 April 2020 | Events

In case you missed it, here is a recording of the Catalyst 2030 session during the 2020 Virtual Skoll World Forum Week.

Creating a shared digital infrastructure

Session Description: We need a shared digital infrastructure which enables participation, eases the flow of information and knowledge across social enterprises and other key stakeholders, while keeping the community at the centre.

– Imagine if every societal development initiative left behind artefacts that any other program or individual interacting with that community can access, use, or re-use to amplify their impact.
– Imagine if people in each community can easily identify a program operating in the viscinity and seek help (instead of waiting for programs to reach them)
– Imagine if every trained practitioner was visible and can be leveraged by other programs instead of hiring and training new ones

Join us to explore the possibilities that we can unlock when we combine emergent approaches such as societal platform thinking with community-centered design to create shared digital infrastructure.

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