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Answering Calls to Funders for Action

02 May 2023 | 18:00 - 19:00
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Fireside Chat

Answering Calls to Funders for Action, by Sourcing, Strengthening, Connecting, and Amplifying Locally-led Solutions

As funders, how might we apply philanthropic best practices and principles—including those in Catalyst 2030’s #ShfitingFundingPractices open letter—that many are advocating for?

The Roddenberry Foundation and its funding partners will describe their journey towards answering the calls-to-action increasingly being directed at philanthropy—as applied within the +1 Global Fund program (see The +1 Global Fund was inspired by these calls-to-action to create a platform for aggregating philanthropic funds and directing them towards sourcing, strengthening, connecting, and amplifying locally-led solutions across the Global South. In this session, +1 collaborators will discuss what is working, which open questions and tensions remain, and their vision for the philanthropic field. Their conversation will point towards tangible through which funders can:

– Embrace new mindsets, strategies, and practices, including collaboration with other funders
– Move beyond traditional sourcing channels, to find local leaders who are closest to the societal problems we hope to solve
– Support local leaders in a variety of ways, financially and non-financially, all rooted in trust and respect

By working together, we can achieve the new horizon of funding practice being advocated for by Catalyst 2030 and others.

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