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Catalysing Change Week | 1–5 May 2023

Solutions From the Frontlines

Catalyst 2030 Challenge – Empowering Young Social Entrepreneurs to Innovate

05 May 2023 | 09:00 - 17:00
Drawing, photo, video and essay competitions on CCW theme and other topics

Innovation lies at the heart of all future progress and success in tackling the most urgent global issues we as a collective society face. The Catalyst 2030 Challenge aims to, through a combination of bootcamp training, hackathon and networking session, helps the future owners of our Earth to solidify their foundation in achieving Agenda 2030. Cash, scholarship and in-kind prizes will be award to Top Finalists of this global challenge through the supporting partners of KIDsforSDGs.

Meet our co-hosts and panelists:
Rina Kurihara (US)
Parn Anantnakin (Thailand)
Simba Li (UK)
Sergey Sergin (Russia)
Yutong Linda Lin (Australia)
Romina Philips (Hong Kong SAR)
Artem Krivoshapkin (Russia)
David Li (US)
Jasmine Wei (New Zealand)
Konori Takayama (Canada)

The hosts

Rina Kurihara Parn Anantnakin Yutong Linda Lin Artem Krivoshapkin Jasmine Wei

Sustainable development goals

SDG 4 - Quality Education SDG 9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure SDG 17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Session Recording

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