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Donors, Doers, and Fundraisers Unite for Community-Centric Philanthropy

08 May 2024 | 15:00 - 16:00
Problem-Solving Sessions / Thematic Workshops

Join us for a transformative session where we present an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the art of building mutually trusting and enduring partnerships between donors and doers, centered around the voices of those with lived experiences.
We bring together the donor, the doer, and the fundraiser to share their authentic stories, providing a platform for an insightful exploration of the successes, practicalities, and key learnings from establishing partnerships led by the voices of the community.

This session not only offers an opportunity to understand how various calls for change are embedded in these relationships but also features a live demonstration aligning Catalyst2030’s NGO Open Letter and WINGS’ Philanthropy Transformation Initiative. This transformative initiative illustrates the principles in action, providing a tangible and insightful experience to inspire behavioural change.

Join us as we delve into the advocacy and transformation involved in working towards these ideals, contributing to a narrative of philanthropy that prioritizes genuine partnerships and centres the voices of the communities we serve. Be part of the movement, and let’s catalyze change together.

The hosts

Sameera Mehra, Collective Intelligence and Advocacy Director, WINGS Willeke Van Rijn, Chief Executive Officer, the Resource Alliance Matthew Patten

Sustainable development goals

SDG 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions SDG 17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

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