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Amplifying Youth Voices Through Catalyst 2030

02 May 2023 | 15:00 - 16:00
Thematic Workshop
(Policy) Roundtable discussion

The Catalyst 2030 community includes incredible members focused on youth engagement and empowerment. Whether they work with youth or are youth themselves, these members are making a big impact in social entrepreneurship and creating multiple avenues for youth to thrive. And now, we’re super excited to announce the launch of our Youth Engagement Initiative!

The Youth Engagement Initiative will galvanise the efforts of these members even further and give youth (ages 18-35) a platform to speak out, collaborate, learn new skills, and exchange knowledge. It’s all about scaling up the amazing work that young people are already doing and helping them make an even bigger impact through engagement with Catalyst 2030 members and collaborations.

During this session, we will:

talk more about our plans and vision for the Youth Engagement Initiative;

highlight the amazing work of some Catalyst 2030 members;

share different ways to engage with Catalyst 2030, such as through the Youth Empowerment Circle and Social Change Innovators.

The hosts

Sustainable development goals

SDG 17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal

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