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Shaping Innovation Futures – reflecting on an exploration

01 May 2023 | 19:00 - 20:00
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Storytelling Session

In 2022 we undertook a pilot phase of the ‘Shaping Innovation Futures’ initiative:

The Shaping Innovation Futures project is an exploration into how we might accelerate the transformation needed to navigate the next 30 years, and realise better futures for people, places, and the planet.

Beyond specific solutions, we are focused on the underpinning conditions that enable us to organise, create, and act systemically. We frame the design and development of these foundations as ‘innovation infrastructuring’. For funders, impact entrepreneurs and champions of system change, we believe this approach offers a powerful lever and demands greater attention.

At the heart of our exploration is a simple question – how we can create innovation infrastructures that are equal to the complex challenges we face, at an appropriate level of scale, and which can adapt to ever-changing demands?

In the pilot phase, we aimed to probe into pockets of the future using a series of curated conversations with pioneering initiatives.

To undertake these explorations, we convened a small discovery cohort of thinkers and doers in systems innovation. This session will share what we found out and what directions we believe can help inform the design of next horizon innovation infrastructures in Australasia.

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Sustainable development goals

SDG 17 - Partnerships to achieve the Goal SDG 9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

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