Report Launch – Getting from crisis to systems change: Advice for leaders in the time of COVID

Virtual Sessions for COVID-19

On 8 July 2020,  we launched our new report, Getting from crisis to systems change: Advice for leaders In the time of COVID –  the result of three months of productive collaborative co-creation by more than 1,600 organisations lead by Catalyst 2030 members.
The report recognises that we are in a crisis so deep that only far-reaching systems change can get us out of it and on a path towards a just, inclusive and sustainably prosperous world. It contains dozens of ideas across 14 key issues that are continually being fine-tuned.

Getting from Crisis to Systems Change report cover

The report also mentions cross-cutting proposals for giving social entrepreneurs a seat at the table when world leaders meet to make decisions that will impact billions of people. This will help to break down silos impeding holistic approaches and to make it easier for social entrepreneurs to contact and collaborate with other key institutions in the ecosystem for delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from multilateral institutions and national governments to businesses and philanthropies. 
Welcoming our report during a live online fireside chat, the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J Mohammed said she would take seriously our proposals and make it a priority to collaborate more effectively with social entrepreneurs. “We need to find a robust partnership with Catalyst 2030; an agenda together that is co-created,” the DSG said with real enthusiasm.

You can click on the image on the left to read the full report and watch the recordings down below. 

Highlights from the fireside chat

The full fireside chat

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