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GoodFood Agric Enterprises seeks collaborations to boost food security

13 July 2022 | Member Stories

GoodFood Agric is mainly working towards improving food security and the eradication of poverty and malnutrition in Nigeria.

SDG 1 No Povery SDG 2 Zero Hunger SDG 3 Good health and well-being SDG 4 Quality Education SDG 10 Reduced inequalities

Catalyst 2030 member GoodFood Agric Enterprises is focused on accelerating attainment of a string of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The organisation is mainly working towards improving food security and the eradication of poverty and malnutrition in Nigeria.

Uche Jumbo founded the organisation in 2019, which employs ten staff who serve people living in impoverished rural communities.

“We serve the community of rural, disadvantaged, underprivileged marginalised people in the agrarian community in the eastern part of Nigeria where I come from. We also serve a community of urban working class people where I live in Lagos State in the western part of Nigeria,” Jumbo said.

GoodFood Agric Enterprises is primarily focused on addressing the growing problem of a lack of food security, hunger, poverty and malnutrition in Nigeria.

Jumbo recalled how food security challenges began to emerge when rural people hung up their hoes to seek white collar positions with the promise of better prospects in the city. The lure of lucrative jobs on the oil wells also led to an exodus from the farms, raising concern that food production would eventually be seen as an occupation only for the elderly.

“This was how food shortages started creeping in gradually. I first noticed this in 2019. Knowing that the population of Nigeria is growing to the rooftop, as the third world’s most populous country after China and India, I started farming easily affordable foods such as plantain, banana, yam, potatoes, cassava, maize, vegetables and meat. I worked on processing these foods into quality, safe, healthy sustainable food products such as gari (cassava flour), corn, yam tuber, yam flour, plantain heads/flour and distributed it to needy communities,” Jumbo said.

Jumbo has found that his organisation’s membership of Catalyst 2030 has provided “immeasurable benefits” since joining the movement in 2020. “The most crucial benefits have been the opportunity to connect, collaborate, e-meet and physically meet people from diverse areas. We have learned new skills, kept pace with trends in the global market and learned to become kinder and kinder when dealing with our fellow human beings, knowing that everyone is going through one process or another.

“Catalyst 2030 Membership has increased my humanitarian and philanthropic mindset. I have become more relevant and talked-about as a reference point in my community since I joined C2030. I was recently given the title of ‘Paramount Ruler of my Community’ as ‘Omere Oha 1’ meaning, ‘A generous giver number one of my community,” he said.

Jumbo is actively on the lookout for C2030 members who may want to collaborate with him in his organisation’s field of work. “I need a Catalyst collaboration in Nigeria, Africa or Europe, seriously. It is my burning desire. And I would like to work in the Nigeria Chapter Coordinating Unit,” Jumbo added.

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