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How investing in social impact networks can spur innovation and change

6 January 2022 | Member Posts

Social innovation networks article which is part of the Davos Agenda 2022


Written by Rana Dajani, Maria Gallo, Ján Michalko, Margaux Jacquemin and Joseph Munyambanza. This article is part of The Davos Agenda.

“People need to see people who look like them, who speak like them and that encourages others, so don’t think that you’re just another person.”

—Dr Rana Dajani, Founder of We Love Reading and board member of the Catalyst 2030 Network

Networks are diverse. As a result, network building takes different shapes and forms, depending on the purpose they are trying to achieve or the context in which they operate. Alumni networks—and indeed all social impact networks—have the potential for innovation and to create a powerful human capital-based circular economy.

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