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India’s Million Missions – India’s Non-Profit Sector Report

1 February 2023 | Member Initiatives

India's Million Missions report

“India’s Million Missions – India’s Non-Profit Sector Report” was launched 23 January 2023 at the Jaipur Literature Festival. The study consists of a sector-wide survey, thematic reports and macro-economic research.

If you wish to get a copy of the report, use the button below.  After submitting your details, you will be directed to the report.

Why this study

In the 75th year of India’s independence, this exercise through multiple reports, attempts to measure the significant contribution of the Indian non-profit sector to the nation. We are on a mission to document credible evidence of the contribution of non-profit organisations, widely disseminate the findings and constructively engage with government, business and citizens.

Through this study, we wanted to provide a snapshot on what millions of non-profit organisations have done in 75 years in India. We welcome journalists, policy makers, governments, educators, students and the general public to write about the good work being done with dedication across the country, with meagre resources raised in difficult circumstances, to reach the ‘unreached’, the ‘last and the least’.

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