Catalyst Creative Brew

atalyst Creative Brew

What is Catalyst Creative Brew?

The Catalyst Creative Brew (CCB) is a space where members are invited to grab their favourite brew – coffee, juice, tea or whatever you fancy – and enjoy an inspiring ten-minute talk by an invited speaker. The speaker will share unique learnings and experiences regarding specific social challenges. After the presentation, there will be time for participants to discuss ideas, approach daily challenges and suggest problem solving ideas regarding the presented topic.

What does a Catalyst Creative Brew provide?

  • Learn from other members’ experiences and challenges
  • Hear inspiring stories and make valuable connections with others in the network
  • Get new ideas on how to improve your social venture

Get Involved

If you want to become a facilitator of a Catalyst Creative Brew or organise one in your Chapter or Collaboration, contact our engagement team:

Sylvester Phillip Weekes

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