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Conversation Café

Attend a Catalyst 2030 Conversation Cafe

What is Conversation Café?

The Conversation Café is a wonderful space for people who enjoy connecting with others who are working towards positive global changes. Over time, the Conversation Café has evolved from being a purely networking space to a public sphere where specific systemic challenges related to the SDGs are dynamically discussed.

The Conversation Café is hosted by members who want to start a conversation around a specific topic or project with other Catalyst 2030 members.

What does Conversation Café offer?

  • Meaningful Conversations: The Café encourages members to talk and share ideas with one another.
  • Collaboration Inspiration: It sparks new ideas for future collaborations amongst participants.


Global, regional or national event
Adapted to local languages
SDG oriented
In-person or virtual
Conversation Cafe Playbook

How to join?

  • Choose a Topic: Think of a subject you care about and would like to discuss with other Catalyst 2030 members.
  • Define Your Goal: Consider the specific audience you want to engage with and the outcomes you hope to achieve from the conversation.
  • Get Started: Contact our Community Building and Engagement team to begin planning your conversation!

Upcoming Events

Come join us at the Conversation Café, and together, let’s inspire positive change!

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