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By supporting the wellbeing of social impact leaders we can build stronger leaders, more resilient organisations and ultimately generate more social impact. Friday Gardens is one of the initiatives in which Catalyst 2030 members can start and strengthen their Wellbeing Journey.

Friday Gardens is an inclusive space where we share experiences and learn from each other’s achievements, challenges and setbacks. We support each other and deepen our understanding of our work, ourselves and the communities with whom we collaborate. Daily topics naturally emerge from participants, fostering a dynamic and inclusive conversation.

What does a Friday Garden offer?

  • A safe space for sharing our thoughts and experiences, allowing us to reflect together on puzzling situations.
  • An opportunity to share our diverse experiences with people from different cultures and fields of work. We embrace the variety of life experiences, upbringing, work and education, as they enrich our personal growth.

How to join

Friday Gardens

Every Friday | 3 pm CET

Friday Gardens takes place every Friday, via Zoom. If you are interested in joining, sign up through the Catalyst 2030 Events page. Remember to log in to the member portal first.

The Friday Gardens Zoom calls

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