New Social Change Innovators portal calls for collaboration

13 July 2022 | Catalyst News

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The Social Change Innovators (SCI) knowledge resource portal created in partnership with Catalyst 2030 will be launched in August and needs members to come forward to collaborate and share their knowledge.

The portal serves as a platform that allows members to connect, share and collaborate to grow the knowledge base in the global movement of social entrepreneurs, donors, governments, private sector stakeholders and academics, who are involved in systems change work to positively impact the world. Read more about how you can benefit and get involved here.

Here are useful tools and resources that can already be accessed on the portal to grow your knowledge:

  • Managing your Donor Pipeline: Top Tips and Ideas. Access the resource here.
  • Social Innovation for Africa: African Innovators Solving African Problems. Read more about this resource here.
  • The Case for a Socially Oriented Business Model Canvas: The Social Enterprise Model Canvas. Access the resource here.


We need you

Help us co-create resources in your region. Share tips for social entrepreneurs working with governments or the private sector, the case for why different stakeholder groups should work with social enterprises, collaboration resources and more. Register on the Social Change Innovators site and click the ‘Share your File’ button in the right location, upload the file and select where the file should be made available. It takes just 30 seconds to share. This co-created site will launch in August 2022.

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