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Catalyst 2030

Collaborating to achieve the SDGs

Catalyst 2030 is a fast-growing global movement of people and organisations committed to Social Innovation.

By joining forces with communities, governments, businesses, and other organizations, Catalyst 2030 members are driving social innovation and transforming systems at all levels through collective action and bold new strategies.

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Countries represented

Individual members

Member organisations

Lives touched

Funding volume

Catalyst awards 2024

The Awards aim to accelerate systems change by celebrating key individuals and organizations in social innovation.

Catalyst 2030 members urgently seek to find, fund, and support transformative solutions to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe collaborative systems change, involving philanthropists, donor organizations, impact investors, and corporate funders, is essential for supporting social innovators and entrepreneurs.

Featured Highlights

Catalyst 2030 Awards for Systemic Change

Catalyst 2030 Awards

We asked the question “Who is best at helping social innovators to change the world?”

We celebrated the Catalyst 2030 Awards finalists and winners for 2023, live from Spencer House, London, 8 November.

Catalyst Statistics

Catalysing Change Week 2024

The theme of CCW2024 was dedicated to how to Build the Social Innovation Sector, which put into the spotlight a grassroots-up approach to innovation and development as the root of all meaningful transformation.

Accelerating impact report

Accelerating Impact Through Collaborative Actions

Pathways to transforming Education Toolkit

2024 Edition of Pathways to Transforming Education

A Toolkit for Systems Leaders to Co-Create the Pathways to Collaboration.

Catalysing Change 2022 Report Page

Shifting Funding Practices

Join us in calling on donors and funders to remodel their traditional practices to more effectively support grassroots organisations and sustainable social impact.

Posts from the Media Hub

Member and Collaboration Posts

Prioritising wellbeing for social impact

In recent roundtable discussions, leaders in the social impact sector explored the question of how to prioritise community wellbeing.

Driving women’s inclusion in Metrology

Metrology, the science of measurement, is a fundamental pillar of the quality infrastructure system and plays a crucial role in contributing to the SDGs.

Early childhood education for urban families

The Opportunity Foundation Trust was established in India in 2012 to support the education of girls facing financial difficulties.

The magic of ethical gifting

Unleash the magic of ethical gifting with the Catalyst Market this holiday session, every gift a masterpiece of thoughtfulness, sustainability and local support.

Humanitarian crisis front lines

Alan Braithwaite of the Catalyst 2030 Disasters Group reflects on the challenges faced in the humanitarian sector and encourages your support.

Africa Academic Hub

The goal of this Academic Hub is to create a consortium of academic networks working on social entrepreneurship, SDGs and systems change.

Creativity Lab: Innovation for thriving communities

Egyptian and Palestinian women and children are being given a chance to arm themselves with skills to thrive within their communities.

Latin American culture woven in hammocks

Catalyst Market Member: The name of each Hamac del Sol product captures the essence of the weaver who created it, telling the artisan’s story.

Malaysian youth explore space with AstroX

AstroX was established in 2009 to generate interest and promote knowledge in aerospace and science among the younger generation.

Support a social economy. Shop the Catalyst Market.

Catalyst Market is your gateway to ethical and sustainable shopping. Every purchase has the power to make a positive impact on people and planet.


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Reports from the Catalyst 2030 Community

Pathways to Transforming Education
An Investigation into Financing Transformation
Catalysting Collaboration report cover
Unlocking the Social Economy report cover

Our Ecosystem Partners*

*These are the social entrepreneur fellowship organisations that helped to establish Catalyst 2030.

Echoing Green
Schwab Foundation
Skoll Foundation

Founding and Fiscal Partner

One Family Foundation

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