COVID-19 Action Agenda Leaders on the Front Line: Why Social Entrepreneurs Are Needed Now More than Ever


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19 September 2020


This report was written by 60 leading social-sector organisations, including Catalyst 2030.


The COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs was launched in April 2020 by 60 leading social-sector organisations aiming to help mobilise support and raise awareness of the vital role these entrepreneurs play in tackling the crisis and beyond. In various capacities, the members of the Alliance support over 50,000 social entrepreneurs across the world. The entrepreneurs, in turn, have a direct or indirect impact on the lives of nearly 1 billion people according to their own estimates‚ providing access to employment, food, affordable energy and other critical services. In this COVID-19 Action Agenda for social entrepreneurs, members of the Alliance commit to and call on their peers to stand by social entrepreneurs in their capacity as front-line responders to the health crisis and as pioneers of a green, inclusive society and economic system. Along with a group of social enterprise representatives participating in the Alliance, the members have identified five core COVID response principles and concrete areas in which different actors can take action.

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