Systems Change for Social Impact: Engaging your Audience with Experiential Tools

1. Debbi Brock (Social Change Innovators), 2. Sue Chui (Hang Sang University), 3. Denise Crossan (Swarthmore College), 4. Gorgi Krlev (University of Heidelberg), 5. Saleha Khumawala (SURE, University of Houston)

This interactive session will use the Innovative Educators report to cover five ways of teaching, learning, and assessment for an interactive course, workshop or programme. Participants will leave the session with social innovation experiential learning exercises, systems change learning tools, and access to teaching materials to apply to your social innovation programme tomorrow!

TAGS: Learning, Academia

4. Quality Education

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Amplifying the Systems Change Movement through Academic Research and Publication

1. Max French (Northumbria University), 2. Hazel Goodes (Emerald Publishing), 3. Michael Roy (Glasgow School for Business and Society), 4. Sharon Zivkovic (Community Capacity Builders)

In this session, participants will explore the role of academia in progressing systems social entrepreneurship practice. We will hear from two researchers: one that undertakes systems change research as a scholar-practitioner, and one that has been working on researcher-practitioner partnerships in systems change work. We will then hear insights on the publication of research from the Editor of the Social Enterprise Journal and the Commissioning Editor for Public Policy at Emerald Publishing.

TAGS: Academia

4. Quality Education 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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