Virtual Launch: Virtual Launch: 1. Pn. Zakiah Jaafar (Deputy Secretary General (Investment), Ministry of Finance), 2. Dato’ Sri Dr Mohammed Azman Bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed (CEO PERKESO), 3. Ms Surina Shukri (CEO, MDEC), 4. Mr Amiruddin Abdul Shukor (CEO MAGIC), 5. Mr Ahmed Faris Amir (CEO IMPACT Malaysia), 6. Ir. Ts. Kuhan Pathy (Chair), 7. Dr. Subarna Sivapalan (Co-Chair).
Forum: 1. Zarina Ismail (Chief Impact Officer Drop & Wash and Go Job), 2. Khairul Azri Mohamad Khalid (Co-Founder Discover Muaythai), 3. Thanaselan Rajendran (Co-Founder and CEO MyFarmLab), 4. Yap Sue Yii (Co-Founder and CEO Komuniti Tukang Jahit), 5. Marilyn Raj Saysoo (Moderator, Masala Wheels)

This forum discussion between founders of social enterprises in Malaysia will showcase social innovators as an untapped resource in the country. It will highlight their willingness to collaborate as well as their struggles during the pandemic and motivation in championing the social cause they have taken up. Also under discussion will be the idea of SDG-conscious projects.

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17. Partnerships for the Goals

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