Activate your facilitation superpowers to catalyse collaborative change

1. Debbi Brock (Social Change Innovators), 2. Brendon Johnson (inHive), 3. Kim Normand Dobrin (Free The Mind Co), 4. Gordian Overschmidt (ODE systems), 5. Gwyn Wansbrough (Independent Consultant)

How can we facilitate workshops with active and engaged participants? This session will cover how to share best practices, demonstrate a few examples from Brendon’s database of the creation of Community Practice.

TAGS: Collaboration, Facilitation, Academia

All SDGs

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Role of Bridging for Systems Change

1.Tanya Birl (Torres SoHumanity), 2.Tatiana Fraser (The System Sanctuary), 3.Ruth Rominger (Garfield Foundation), 4.Jorge Salazar, 5.Rachel Sinha (The Systems Sanctuary)

The field of systems change is largely dominated by Western, white, and academic worldviews.
Many systems leaders centered in community, weave together systems practices from diverse lineages. Indigenous, feminist, intersectional and social movements for justice are at the forefront of this work.
This session will be a deep dive into the practice and role of Bridging from the non-dominant center in systems change. This is part of the Illuminate.

TAGS: Collaboration, Funding

5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequality 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Happy Hour (Informal Conversation Space)

1. Eller Everett (BothOfUs), 2. Thomas Haselböck (be.modos), 3. Asha Murphy (Edu-fy), 4. David Parejo (ICI Network Ltd), 5. Kiran Reddy (Helm of Eight), 6. Rosamonde Birch (Independent)

Happy Hour is an open/agendaless space, where people can connect in authentic ways and get to know each other in a relaxed environment. There will be break-out rooms to join and move around to meet, chat and play together.

TAGS: Collaboration, Happy Hour!

3. Good Health and Well-being 4. Quality Education 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Transformational Systems Change through Collaborative Networks

1. Anna Birney (Forum for the Future), 2. Ruth Rominger (Garfield Foundation), 3. Luis Alejandro Tapia (Illuminate)

This is a conversation between a funder and practitioners who are working together to cultivate the field of systems change. The conversation will provide a broad landscape of approaches used to design and facilitate systems change. We’ll talk about the trends in the field – centering justice and equity, decolonize and bridging practice, connecting western science traditions with indigenous wisdom, healing, and wholeness practices. The concepts are applicable, and required at all scales, and adaptive to place and context.

TAGS: Collaboration, Funding

3. Good Health and Well-being 10. Reduced Inequality 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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How can we weave ourselves together for greater impact?

1. Ross Hall (The Weaving Lab), 2. Victoria Haro (The Weaving Lab), 3. Karim Maarek (WEAVE- The Future), 4. Paula Peña (Movilzatorio), 5. Juliana Uribe Villegas (Movilzatorio)

Highly interactive session in which we will co-create ideas for spreading weaving throughout your networks in order to maximise our collective impact. Learn proven methodologies for organizing an ecosystem for multi-stakeholder collaboration and enabling coordinated action on shared challenges.

TAGS: Collaboration

17. Partnerships for the Goals

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