Innovating to Accelerate Inclusion in a Post-COVID World

1. Mike Froman (Vice-Chairman and President Strategic Growth Mastercard), 2. Amb. Miguel Ruiz Cabaña, (Director SDG Initiative Tec de Monterrey), 3. Mary Ellen Iskenderian (CEO & President Women’s World Banking), 4. Matthew Bishop(Moderator)

The global coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated preexisting inequalities in society, and has had devasting health, economic and social consequences. Nevertheless, a more inclusive, sustainable world, where the digital economy works for everyone, everywhere is within our reach if we work together to achieve inclusion through action. In this session we will explore how innovative partnerships can accelerate and expand digital and financial inclusion, and help individuals connect with the social, economic and financial systems that can make them more productive by giving them access to services that many take for granted – such as, electricity, healthcare, information, education or finance.

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Leveraging social procurement to create change

1. Gerry Higgins (SEWF), 2. Alexandra Tarmo (Unilever), 3. Alexandra van der Ploeg (SAP), 4. Dan Viederman (moderator)

The buying power of global organisations, multinational corporations, governments and public sector agencies cannot be underestimated. If procurement choices were based on socio-economic and environmental factors, targeting local partners and social entrepreneurs, we would be able to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. SAP has been working with its clients to support the diversification of procurement practices. Hear from SAP and partners Unilever and the Social Enterprise World Forum to learn about why organisations are making this move and what social enterprises and diverse-led SMEs need to do to be successful in tender processes.

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What will it take for social enterprises to create and sustain business partnerships with corporations?

1. Emily Gannam (Strategic Partnerships Senior Associate, Acumen), 2. Asa Skogstrom-Feldt (Managing Director IKEA Social Entrepreneurship), 3. Jessica Weaver (Ernst & Young))

This workshop at Catalysing Change Week 2021 will present an ongoing research project to answer the question posed in the title, and invite social entrepreneurs to provide input. We want to understand from entrepreneurs: Are you actively seeking to sell your products or services to a corporate purchasing team? If yes, what have been the results? What have been the barriers? What support do you need to make sustainable business partnerships possible? The project will create both a framework to determine when a social enterprise is ‘corporate-partner-ready’, as well as a diagnostic tool to apply the framework.

TAGS: Awardee, Corporate

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