Catalysing Regenerative Futures – Indigenous Wisdom & Networked Action

1. Konkankoh Joshua (Better World Cameroon), 2. Pavel Luksha (Global Education Futures Initiative), 3. Curtis Ogden (Interaction Institute for Social Change), 4. Adrian Robke (Weaving Lab)

The main takeaways from the session are: learning how to accelerate your change-making with both indigenous wisdom and modern systems thinking and expand your skills to weave more thriving, inclusive and effective impact ecosystems between diverse stakeholders.

TAGS: Culture, Systems Change

4. Quality Education 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better listen to communities

1. Costanza Conforti (Rural Senses), 2. Yau Ben Or (Rural Senses), 3. Josephine Tumwesige (Rural Senses)

This session will discuss how qualitative data is essential for business and development in developing countries. Using NLP we can understand communities much better and build more sustainable projects.

TAGS: Culture

1. No Poverty 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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