1. Alan Braithwaite Chair (ISEDT Ltd), 2. Meenakshi Gupta (Goonj), 3. Gabriela Arenas de Meneses (TAAP), 4. Elizabeth Hausler (Build Change), 5. Massar Diop (DHL), 6. William Chemaly (UNHCR-led Global Protection Cluster))

Learning from stories – don’t be an Ostrich! Disasters are the responsibility of all of us. Catalyst 2030 has formed an Issue Based Group to develop proposals for how social entrepreneurs can engage in this critical area for human survival and the SDGs. Panelists will each briefly relate their life experiences of responding to and recovering from disasters, followed by a discussion with audience participation. With your support we plan to widen our group, leverage SE’s capabilities and innovation and create a Catalyst 2030 operating model. Let’s start this conversation!

TAGS: Disaster Response IBG

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 15. Life on Land 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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