From Individuals to Ecosystems: Nurturing young entrepreneurs to transform communities

1. Rajesh Nair (EnCube Labs), 2. Sanjay Bhana (Purpose Alliance), 3. Jose Tam (Purpose Alliance), 4. Chakradhar Iyyunni (Purpose Alliance)

Entrepreneurs create jobs and transform communities. But, how do we nurture entrepreneurs? We will discuss an experiential framework to develop entrepreneurial mindset in youth and start the journey to build ecosystems from the ground up. We will also describe the Purpose Alliance meta-methodology, discuss the unique role of experimentation and learner attitude in building businesses, introduce you to its free resources (8 principles, purpose launchpad, purpose launchpad radar etc.) and clue you into abundance mindset all to realize your massive transformative purpose.

TAGS: Entrepreneurship

4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 10. Reduced Inequality

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