An Arrow in the Development Quiver: Impact Linked Finance

1. Peter Beez (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), 2. Willy Foote (Root Capital), 3. Björn Strüwer (Roots of Impact)

The session will explore what Impact Linked Finance is, how it works, and why the agency has decided to put this in their developmental arsenal. This will end with a call to social entrepreneurs to quantify, measure and sell their impact to have additional revenue and access to finance for growth.

TAGS: Government, Funding

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Financiadores Colaborando de Forma Eficaz

1. José Luiz Egydio Setúbal (Fundação José Luiz Egydio Setúbal), 2. Paula Fabiani (IDIS), 3. Patricia Villela Marino (Humanitas 360 Institute)

The session will convene two major Brazilian donors to share their experiences working in collaboration to achieve positive societal change. They will present and celebrate collaborative projects that promote the achievement of the SDGs. The barriers and concerns for collaborating effectively will also be debated in a conversational format, identifying possibilities to overcome them.

TAGS: Chapter BRAZIL, Funding

3. Good Health and Well-being 10. Reduced Inequality 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Different Types of Capital to Solve Different Problems

1. Paarul Dudeja (Working Capital Innovation Fund), 2. Petri Kuusisto (Impact Innovation Institute), 3. Rehana Nathoo (Spectrum Impact), 4. Bobby Smith (The School Impact), 5. Maya Winkelstein (OpenRoad Alliance)

This session will introduce SEs to the different forms of capital & funding that are available to help them meet their mission, including loans, equity investment, earned income; thereby setting stage for more work within WG7 and C2030, and recruitment to C2030 of impact investors.

TAGS: Funding

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A Finance Revolution for Social Enterprises

1. Henrik Skovby (Dalberg)

Social enterprises are essential if we want to reach the SDGs. They bring innovation, cost-effective solutions, critical capacity, and can serve both the public and private sector. However, accessing capital is one of the absolute largest roadblocks they face to operate and grow. How can we learn from microfinance, online remittances systems, venture capital, co-operatives, etc. to build an infrastructure that can underpin hundred of thousands social enterprises in the years to come.

TAGS: Funding

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Investors in Change – collaborative design for Module 3 on learning and evaluation

1. Laura Winn (School of System Change/ Forum for the Future), 2. Abdul Dube (Visual Confidence)

The School of System Change is collaborating with Catalyst 2030 to pilot a learning journey for Investors in Change. This is an interactive session to co-design the curriculum of the final module. We will focus on discussing with other practitioners what is most needed to align funders and people receiving funds around questions of impact, evaluation and learning about systems change.

TAGS: Funding, Evaluation Systems Change

All SDGs

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Transformational Systems Change through Collaborative Networks

1. Anna Birney (Forum for the Future), 2. Ruth Rominger (Garfield Foundation), 3. Luis Alejandro Tapia (Illuminate)

This is a conversation between a funder and practitioners who are working together to cultivate the field of systems change. The conversation will provide a broad landscape of approaches used to design and facilitate systems change. We’ll talk about the trends in the field – centering justice and equity, decolonize and bridging practice, connecting western science traditions with indigenous wisdom, healing, and wholeness practices. The concepts are applicable, and required at all scales, and adaptive to place and context.

TAGS: Collaboration, Funding

3. Good Health and Well-being 10. Reduced Inequality 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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