Inclusive Systemic Thinking – Beyond Essentialism

1. Nathalia Munoz Ballesteros (Young Emerging Evaluator), 2. Monica Gagliano (Biological Intelligence /Associate Professor, Australia), 3. Lucy Ntongai (ActionAid Kenya), 4. Ellen Lewis (moderator- Ethos of Engagement Consulting), 5. Anne Stephens (moderator- Ethos of Engagement Consulting)

There is a recognized need for effective inclusion of all, human and non-human, to design, implement and evaluate intersections for multiple objectives. In this panel session, we will discuss ways and means to give a more holistic voice to people, nature and sentient beings in such a way that stereotypes are not reinforced and new ways of facilitating change can emerge.

TAGS: Gender, Inclusiveness, Systems Change

5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequality 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

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Durga Listens

1. Iti Rawat (WEFT), 2. Shivalal Gautam (Xomonnoy), 3. Abirami S (Durga), 4. Vishala V (Durga)

The upcoming edition of Durga Listens @ Catalyst 2030 brings to you stories about collective spaces that tackled the shadow pandemic, addressed the crisis with a gendered lens, and helped women and queer persons regain their agency. The experiences shared by speakers aim to bring gender justice to the fore and encourage grassroot voices to inform programming and intervention designing.

While the virus has been gender neutral, we all know that its ramifications will be different for different people, and almost irreversible for marginalised people. In the midst of the shadow pandemic in ‘20, two collectives – Red Dot Initiative & Xomonnoy – decided to step up and create safe spaces that would help women and queer persons regain their agency. Their experiences of forming the collectives reveal to us the need and significance of a gendered lens while approaching a pandemic because these issues are not just ‘women’s issues’ or ‘queer issues’ but everybody’s issues, everybody’s responsibilities. Whatever the policy makers had ignored, these collectives took into account.

Durga Listens too was born from here at this very same time. As a library of stories of Gender injustices, of stories of innovative thinking and of stories of invoking strength – all from the ground!

Let’s listen – with empathy and sensitivity – to the challenges the collectives went through and the change they brought about. Let’s Connect and Catalyse!

TAGS: Gender, Justice

5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequality 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Women who feed the world

1. Cherrie Atilano (GrowHer & AGREA), 2. Mark Brand (A Better Life Foundation), 3. Teresa Corcao (Instituto Maniva), 4. Nicola Gryczka (Social Gastronomy Movement), 5. Charles Michel (Activist and Food Educator), 6. Rosemary Okello-Orlale (Strathmore University Business), 7. Sarah Roversi (Moderator, Future Food Institute)

The global population is sustained by SME farms in the global south, which are predominantly kept by women. Thereby, there is no food security without women’s empowerment. This panel will bring together practitioners who work at the intersections of food, economic empowerment, technology, and gender to build resilient and equitable food systems.

TAGS: Food Security IBG, Inclusiveness, Gender

2. Zero Hunger 5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequality

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Inspiring Global Womxn: a call to action

1. Rana Dajani (We Love Reading), Emily Kasriel (Moderator), 2. Ndidi Nwuneli (Nourishing Africa), 3. Shivani Garg Patel (Skoll World Forum), 4. Kyle Zimmer (First Book)

Womxn social entrepreneurs face disproportionate challenges, it is known. Despite gender-centric funds, elevating their experiences and so-called conscious inclusion, these barriers remain. What does intersectional inclusion really mean and what action needs to be taken to achieve it? This session will call for a rethink for action, hearing from pioneering global leaders themselves it will ideate what a blueprint for womxn entrepreneurs has to look like.

TAGS: Gender

5. Gender Equality

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How Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Actually Helps You Achieve the SDGs

1. Lisa Witter (Apolitical), 2. Claudia Garcia Moreno (WHO and Sexual Violence Research Iniatiative), 3. Sanam Amin (Reseracher & Facilitator), 4. Sohini Bhattacharya (Breakthrough), 5. Radha Wickremasinghe (Ford Foundation)

The session will demonstrate how multiple sectors can advance their goals and SDGs by collaborating to end violence against women and girls weaving in a feminst systems change approach.

TAGS: Gender

4. Quality Education 5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequality

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