1. Rosamonde Birch (Independent), 2. Eller Everett (BothOfUs), 3. Thomas Haselbock (be.modos), 4. Brendon Johnson (Artiznal), 5. Asha Murphy (Edu-fy), 6. David Parejo (ICI Network Ltd), 7. Kiran Reddy (Helm of Eight)

Invitation to all C2030 members to co-design an Open Space model/approach that can then be delivered to the wider community in collaboration with WG1 and others. There will be a key focus on an Open Space approach to nurture/support the culture and consciousness transformation and embody C2030 values.

TAGS: Open Space Co-Design

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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