Purpose-Driven Partnership: Lifting Entrepreneurs to Change the World

1. Devin Hibbard (Street Business School), 2. Buddy Teaster (Soles4Souls)

Join this highly interactive session to explore how partnership, when pursued with intention, can accelerate each organization’s impact and support the SDGs. We will collectively discuss Belief, Power Dynamics, and Alignment as core elements of creating powerful partnership, and identify concrete tools to amplify our work and change the world. Come ready to dive in, share your own experience, and build bridges across the network!

TAGS: Mapping Systems

1. No Poverty 5. Gender Equality 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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How Companies Can Partner with Social Enterprises to Achieve the SDGs

1. Zoraya Hightower (Resonance), 2. Steve Schmida (Resonance), 3. Tess Zakaras Resonance)

MEMBERS ONLY EVENT. This session will provide an overview of ongoing research from the Catalyst 2030 Private Sector Working Group on how companies benefit by collaborating with social enterprises and the best practices and recommendations to do so. For this session, we propose to share key findings from our research thus far and allow the audience to validate and amend those findings.

TAGS: Partnership, Private Sector

17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Social Enterprises are Changing the Economy: Here’s Why Corporations Should Embrace Them in 2021

1. Mark Horoszowski (MovingWorlds)

In 2021 we ask 75+ leaders across corporate social responsbility, corporate boards, impact investors, and social enterprises to answer the question: Can Capitalism Lead a More Sustainable and Equitable Recovery? In this talk, we’ll share how companies can do more to partner with social enterprises, and the benefits of doing so.

TAGS: Partnership, Private Sector

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

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