Cultural & Creative Industries of the Future

1. Sanjoy Roy (Teamwork Arts), 2. Bindu Manchanda (INTACH), 3. Ayush Kasliwal (AKFD Studio + ADI), 4. Smita Mankad (Creative Dignity)

The session highlights the role of the cultural and creative economy, its potential, its challenges and the policy shifts that can catapult it to becoming an economy of the future. The panel would build these perspectives with a diverse group of practitioners and academics.

TAGS: Sustainability, Decent Work

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Creating a Nutrient-rich Ecosystem for Societal Development at Scale

1. Anand Arkalgud (Socion), 2. Sanjay Joshie (Foundation for Ecological Security)

We can reduce waste, avid duplication of efforts, and reimagine the way we pursue and enable development efforts globally if social entrepreneurs can leave behind data and artefacts. We have seen that this approach can strengthen participatory capacity, increase transparency, improve observability of efforts in the field, and accelerate our ability to reach and deliver impact at scale.

TAGS: Sustainability

17. Partnerships for the Goals

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