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The Conscious Food Systems Alliance: Regenerative food systems

7 March 2023 | Collaborations

Social innovators working in the agriculture sector may be interested in The Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA). CoFSA, convened by UNDP, is a movement of food, agriculture, and consciousness practitioners, united around a common goal of building regenerative food systems. Catalyst 2030, an alliance partner, is helping to forge collaborations between universities and local social entrepreneurs to develop a community-based curriculum to support this.

CoFSA takes a whole systems approach to transform food and agriculture by working with diverse stakeholders along the value chain, including farmers, policymakers, companies and consumers. It supports people from across food and agriculture systems to cultivate the inner capacities that activate systemic change and regeneration.

Adaptation, implementation and impact

The alliance pioneers the application of consciousness approaches and practices into food systems, and brings together an intentional community of peers where individuals and organisations can connect, learn and exchange knowledge.

It promotes the cultivation of inner capacities – our individual and collective mindsets, values, and skills – as a key approach, working alongside technical solutions, to activate the adaptation, implementation, and sustained impact of transformative solutions.

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