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Why Tech Matters (2020 Skoll World Forum Recording)

7 April 2020 | Events

In case you missed it, here is a recording of the Catalyst 2030 session during the 2020 Virtual Skoll World Forum Week.

Session Description: Skoll Award winner, Jim Fruchterman, will announce his new tech for good social enterprise on April 2. This session will be the opportunity to hear about how to build the field of technology for social good, helping social entrepreneurs around the world have access to the kinds of software and data tools they need to have impact at scale. Jim will cover some of the challenges in applying tech effectively, including five very common and very bad ideas for tech. He will also share examples of new systems change initiatives being created in response to requests from social entrepreneurs. Finally, Jim will take questions from the participants about their particular issues where technology is getting in the way, or potentially could be amazing, in pursuing social impact.

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