Catalysing Change Week | 3-7 May 2021

Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate.

Catalysing Change Week – Virtual Sessions

Sessions this year revolved around the three themes:

Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate.

The programme featured five days of online ‘Catalysing Change’ sessions. Social innovators shared their systems change work with other participants, and created partnerships across countries, regions and sectors.

Catalysing Change Week is an entrepreneur-led, online event for which members independently curated their sessions.


Catalysing Change Week is over but the recordings are available on youtube

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Inauguration Session

Krista Mikkonen (Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Finland), Dr. Omar Razzaz (Former Prime Minister, Jordan)

This is the official inauguration ceremony for opening the Catalysing Change Week. Please join us in this celebratory ceremony with our members!
DISCLAMER: Please note that that all Catalysing Change Week open sessions, will be recorded and shared on our own YouTube channel for public consumption. Please refer to our privacy statement policy at or email us at for further information.

TAGS: Inaguration

All SDGs

The Global Solution

1. Luigia Alexandra D'Aloè (Green Revolution Foundation), 2. Jeremy Hale (Green Revolution Foundation), 3. Selin Ozbeden (Green Revolution Foundation), 4. Bharat Sharma (Dakshas), 5. Attila Suba (Green Revolution Foundation)

This session will discuss how we can solve the climate crisis with already gathered knowledge. We will highlight future mistakes to avoid and new ways of communicating a multidisciplinary approach.

TAGS: Climate

All SDGs

Millennial Manifesto

1. Abdullahi Alim (World Economic Forum), 2. Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar (Strive Together), 3. Tariq Al-Olaimy (3BL Associates), 4. Andres Felipe Vera Ramirez (Acumen)

Today’s youth movements enjoy mass popularity, but how effective are they? Greta Thunberg proclaimed that “pretty much nothing been done” since staging school strikes to raise awareness of the climate crisis in 2018, while Micah White, co-creator of Occupy Wall Street, has said that social change as we know it is dead.

Join this intergenerational discussion on how to mature youth activism for a world marked by greater examples of systemic faults and to ultimately contribute to the development of a Millennial Manifesto for the post-covid world.

TAGS: Youth

From Individuals to Ecosystems: Nurturing young entrepreneurs to transform communities

1. Rajesh Nair (EnCube Labs), 2. Sanjay Bhana (Purpose Alliance), 3. Jose Tam (Purpose Alliance), 4. Chakradhar Iyyunni (Purpose Alliance)

Entrepreneurs create jobs and transform communities. But, how do we nurture entrepreneurs? We will discuss an experiential framework to develop entrepreneurial mindset in youth and start the journey to build ecosystems from the ground up. We will also describe the Purpose Alliance meta-methodology, discuss the unique role of experimentation and learner attitude in building businesses, introduce you to its free resources (8 principles, purpose launchpad, purpose launchpad radar etc.) and clue you into abundance mindset all to realize your massive transformative purpose.

TAGS: Entrepreneurship

4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 10. Reduced Inequality

Democratizing Learning for Systems Change

1. Brendon Johnson (inHive), 2. Jen Berman (Garfield Foundation), 3. Rob Ricigliano (Omidyar Group), 4. Michela Fenech (Ashoka), 5. Russ Gaskin (CoCreative), 6. Vyjayanthi Mala (Societal Platform), 7. Seanna Davidson (The Systems School), 8. Laura Winn (Forum for the Future), 9. Annabel Membrillo (University of Environment in México)

How can we scale education around systems change enabling anyone to become a transformational changemaker?

In this participatory discussion we will explore diverse learning pathways and educational approaches – and how we can make them more accessible to social entrepreneurs.

TAGS: Systems Change, Academia

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Retos Post-pandemia en Latinoamérica

1. Bernardo Toro (Avina Americas), 2. Mireya Cisneros (Unidos en Red)

Durante esta sesión se discutirá la situación de Latinoamérica actualmente, los grandes desafíos a los que se ha enfrentando durante la pandemia del covid-19, y los retos que tendrá que enfrentar como región aún cuando esta situación mundial se normalice.

TAGS: Chapter LATAM, Spanish

All SDGs

How can we weave ourselves together for greater impact?

1. Ross Hall (The Weaving Lab), 2. Victoria Haro (The Weaving Lab), 3. Karim Maarek (WEAVE- The Future), 4. Paula Peña (Movilzatorio), 5. Juliana Uribe Villegas (Movilzatorio)

Highly interactive session in which we will co-create ideas for spreading weaving throughout your networks in order to maximise our collective impact. Learn proven methodologies for organizing an ecosystem for multi-stakeholder collaboration and enabling coordinated action on shared challenges.

TAGS: Collaboration

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Introducing ‘Soul Lab’ for Catalyst Members

1. Rosamonde Birch (Independent), 2. Silke Haubensak (Wasser 3.0 gGmbH)

Introduction to 'Soul Lab' for all C2030 members, including an overview of Theory U and the 'peer coaching circle' model being used. Launching 'Soul Lab' as a project from WG1 for embodying the values of C2030 and for members to access open hearted connections for collective knowledge sharing and accelerating culture and consciousness transformation. 'Soul Lab' is a process for community bonding, connection, collaboration and presencing for the emerging future.

TAGS: Open Space, Peer coaching

16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better listen to communities

1. Costanza Conforti (Rural Senses), 2. Yau Ben Or (Rural Senses), 3. Josephine Tumwesige (Rural Senses)

This session will discuss how qualitative data is essential for business and development in developing countries. Using NLP we can understand communities much better and build more sustainable projects.

TAGS: Culture

1. No Poverty 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Changemaking Intelligence

1. Ali Raza Khan (Yes Pakistan Network)

Participants will be introduced a simple, practical, scale-able and proven method to turn young people into changemakers. Participants will be able to understand the need and urgency of redefining success for young people. Participants will be introduced to a new kind of intelligence that is called Changemaking Intelligence.

TAGS: Youth

1. No Poverty 4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 10. Reduced Inequality

What does an Effective Post-pandemic CSO Look Like?

1. Lisha McCormick (Last Mile Health), 2. Rehema Namukose (Re!gnite Africa), 3. Nadia Naviwala (The Citizens Foundation), 4. Florian Rutsch (Ashoka), 5. Jean Scrimgeour (Accountability Lab)

The pandemic has transformed how civil society needs to operate to be effective. Join us to understand how CSOs can make sure they thrive post COVID-19.

TAGS: Covid-19

10. Reduced Inequality 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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