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Africa Forward Conference 2023

Africa Forward Conference 2023

Africa Forward Conference 2023: This 3-day immersive experience held in Kenya, will redefine your perspective on Africa’s future.

Africa Forward

Africa Forward

Africa Forward is a groundbreaking initiative co-created by members of the African Chapters of Catalyst 2030

Africa Forward Changing Narratives

The social enterprise ecosystem needs more recognition and resources from local governments to achieve its true potential in addressing key systemic issues facing Africans on the continent. Mapping the ecosystem of NGOs and social entrepreneurs will encourage local...

Africa Forward Funding Pillar

Most of the funding on the African continent goes to non-African social entrepreneurs and organisations, effectively reproducing colonial era power structures. To truly achieve systems change in Africa, this funding must be given directly to African organisations.

Africa Forward Job Creation & Career Counselling

In what is expected to be Africa’s century, social entrepreneurs can play a catalytic role in driving inclusive and sustainable economic development on the continent. This session brings together public, private and social enterprise leadership to explore how...

Africa Forward Training and capacity development

The dominant neocolonial narrative of African social entrepreneurship as being necessarily dependent on non-African expertise is a false one: there is sufficient leadership skills and talent within the continent to address the systemic issues faced by Africans. A...

Africa Forward Ecosystem development

We are all well acquainted with the reality that it will take all actors of varied sectors and structures to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) however, sit in a unique position of intersectoral collaboration. This session...

Africa can only shine when we shine

Africa can only shine when we shine

Over a dozen members of the Kenya Chapter attended the Annual African Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (AACOSE) in Nairobi earlier this year.

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