Catalyst 2030 Chapters

The vision for our Regional and Country Chapters is that by working together at a local level, the collective action of all chapters will result in the realisation of the SDGs by 2030.

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters make it easy for social entrepreneurs within defined geographic, cultural or language groupings to collaborate together as a localised movement and establish best practices for their specific region.

Country Chapters

Country Chapters focus on the social entrepreneur ecosystem in a particular country. The aim is to harness the expertise of social entrepreneurs to enable policy changes needed for the sector to thrive in that country.

  • Each chapter is a local version of the global Catalyst 2030 community, taking responsibility for part of the organisation’s mission in a specific region or country.
  • Chapters allow for country/regional advocacy for specific efforts pertaining to the SDGs.
  • Chapters will accelerate the achievement of SDGs in collaboration with government(s) and other key stakeholders at a local level.
  • Chapters strengthen existing ecosystems to ensure collaboration among social entrepreneurs.
  • Subgroups can be formed within chapters so that members can work on current tasks required for the development of the local chapter’s goals.
  • Chapter Subgroups are made of members from a particular chapter, working together on current tasks required for the development of their Chapter (Local). These are different to Working Groups, which are groups of Catalyst 2030 members working on current tasks required for the development of Catalyst 2030 (Global).

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