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Catalyst 2030 Financials

Catalyst 2030 is in the process of being incorporated as a financially-independent non-profit entity.

Our Evolution

Catalyst 2030 began as a movement by award-winning social entrepreneurs and innovators from across the world. Central to its ethos was an immensely diverse social ecosystem, dispersed globally yet unified to accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In its first three years since inception (in 2019) as the movement continued to evolve, the members chose not to incorporate Catalyst 2030 as a financially-independent entity as that would result in an increased administrative cost while complicating the movement’s ability to easily shut down in the event it did not gain traction or, continue to evolve. Instead, the movement was incubated within One Family Foundation. One Family Foundation incubates innovative projects that organically evolve as shared ideas for catalytic change and nurtures them to fruition. Once up and running, the project then becomes an independent organization.

Since the movement was co-founded in 2019, as one of its founding members One Family Foundation continued to incubate Catalyst 2030. The foundation provided financial and operational support, while absorbing its incubation cost within the foundation’s expenses. When the movement gained traction and started receiving funding from various donors, One Family Foundation continued to serve as the fiscal sponsor at the request of the Governing Council.

In 2021, as more donors, in particular those from the United States committed to burgeoning the movement, Panorama Global was also appointed as a fiscal sponsor. Panorama Global is a social impact nonprofit that empowers changemakers through radical collaboration and supports its partners to navigate the winding path from vision to impact. Panorama maintains their separate accounting ledger in accordance with US GAAP along with multiple project-based accounts. The Catalyst 2030 movement is one such account.

As the movement is institutionalizing, the Governing Council has initiated the process of incorporating the movement as a financially-independent non-profit entity. The projected timeline for this transition is anticipated to be early 2024.

Our Financial Accounts

Fiscal Sponsor Account: One Family Foundation

Stitching One Family Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor, managing the movement’s grants from non-US donor and overall operations. One Family Foundation is audited by Deloitte Accountant B.V. Below are the audited financials for the past years.

Fiscal Sponsor Account: Panorama Global

Panorama Global entered into an agreement to also serve as a fiscal sponsor for Catalyst 2030 in November 2021. The accounts provided by Panorama Global are below. We have also included the last audited financial statements of Panorama Global. The audit was conducted by Jones & Associates PLLC, CPAs.

Consolidated Financial Statements

The most recent annual consolidated financial statements as approved by the Operations and Finance Committee and the Governing council of Catalyst 2030 is included below:

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