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Joining Catalyst 2030 provides social innovators who share a deep sense of urgency over solving this century’s growing human and environmental crisis the opportunity to find each other, build relationships and co-create solutions to these problems.

Catalyst 2030 members share a conviction that it is only by moving outside of their silos that we can truly unleash the potential for global systems change. If you have a co-creative mindset, innovative ideas and experiences to share, and a hunger to learn from and join forces with others, then Catalyst 2030 is the place for you!

Catalyst 2030 members

Membership FAQs

How do I apply to become a member?

1. Fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this membership page if you want to find out more before applying.

2. Complete the membership application form if you are ready to apply.

We will follow up with you to arrange a conversation to learn more about you and your organisation and the hopes and expectations you would have as a Catalyst member.

membership application form

What happens if my application to join is accepted?

You will be invited to an onboarding process including an orientation meeting. We will also need to collect additional information from you to share with other members as a way of facilitating connections.

What activities can I join as a member?

You will have many opportunities to collaborate, such as through workgroups and collaboration teams as well as informally by reaching out and connecting with potential collaborators who share your interests and objectives. You can also participate in numerous events on diverse topics.

What can I expect as a member of Catalyst 2030?

  • Access to an inclusive organisation, representing a cross section of the social entrepreneur ecosystem on a global platform.
  • Avenues to collaborate at eye level, with members, from diverse backgrounds with a shared value system, comprising of NGOs, social entrepreneurs, funders, corporates, academicians, innovators and philanthropists, connecting to share, learn and accelerate impact on the SDGs.
  • Avenues to build meaningful partnerships and co create strategies with thought leaders and change agents to facilitate systems change

Is Catalyst 2030 a funder?


Do members pay a membership fee or any other charge?

No. However, you are expected to reciprocate your time, talent, and ideas in collaborating with other members. Ideally, the successful innovations that emerge from these collaborations would attract funding from third-party sources.

Can a non-member engage with Catalyst 2030? If yes, how?

Yes a non-member is welcome to engage with Catalyst 2030. This engagement could be through:

  • Partnering in our members’ projects
  • Donating/fund raising for Catalyst 2030 initiatives
  • Spreading awareness about Catalyst 2030
  • Providing pro bono support in your area of expertise/core competency
  • Other relevant ways of advocating the message of Catalyst 2030

Join Catalyst 2030

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Catalyst 2030 member, or are curious about anything else, please let us know through the contact form. We will reply as soon as possible.

Membership application form

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