Working Groups

Working groups are each made up by members and chaired by a member of the Incubation Board. They are initiating pilots, learning from their experiences, and adapting their interventions. Working collaboratively to utilise the collective expertise of the membership to co-create the movement.


Chair: Winthrop Carty

The Membership working group has been co-creating the modus operandi of Catalyst 2030 and developing a consistent process to continuously grow the ‘membership’ while staying true to its values.


Co-Chairs: Kristine Pearson, Bayo Adelaja, Colin McElwee

Our role is a classic marketing role. We a) guide b) support and c) steward. We provide decentralised tools of marketing and communications that all working groups can use and leverage independently.

Enabling Collaboration

Co-Chairs: Neelam Chibber, Anand Argulkad

We focus on enabling collaboration and convergence externally, across the social impact field.

Impact & Client Driven Development

Co-Chairs: Fredrik Galtung, Selina Serna

We address three challenges: 1) Data, to identify and accelerate solutions; 2) Voice, to ensure communities own the change, and 3) Closing the Loop, to enable communities to produce impact evidence.

Shifting the Funding paradigm

Co-Chairs: Karen Spencer, Cheryl Dorsey

We are undertaking multiple activities designed to influence funders toward systems change funding best practices, drive more funding toward systems change, and influence the broader financing system.

Government and UN

Chair: Sue Riddlestone

We aim to influence governments and multilateral institutions toward improving the social innovation ecosystem and scaling social entrepreneurs’ proven models and policies.

Engaging the Private Sector

Co-Chairs: Dan Viederman

We aim to influence the private sector (e.g. companies) toward contributing to social and environmental impact.


Chair: Tim Hanstad

We are working to more effectively understand, embrace, practice, elevate and promote the principles and practices for supporting systemic change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

COVID-19 Response

We are surfacing the social entrepreneurs delivering essential health, economic, and societal solutions to excluded and vulnerable communities most impacted by the pandemic.

Working with Cities

Co-Chairs: David Lubbell, Manmeet Mehta

Working to connect Social Entrepreneurs with municipalities, policy makers, and funders in order to reimagine and build back resilient cities in this moment.

New Economies Innovation

Chair: Steve Waddell

This Working Group supports the development of the role of social entrepreneurs and their innovations for next economies.

Impact Assessment

Co-Chairs: John Kania, Glenn Page

We are developing recommendations for a pathway towards a customised evaluation framework focusing on the further development of the C2030 Network and integrates adaptive learning with accountability.

Systems Change Learning

Co-Chairs: Debbi Brock, Erin Worsham

Systems change is complex and requires new mental models, processes, and organising approaches, providing an opportunity for shared learning and the creation of collective learning to inform practice.

Ease of Doing Social & Inclusive Business Index

Co-Chairs: Frederic Bailly

The Ease of Doing Social & Inclusive Business index is expected to become a powerful lever to drive the positive transformation of social and inclusive business ecosystems.

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