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Systems Change Learning

Systems Change learning opportunities with Catalyst 2030

What is Catalyst 2030’s Systems Change Learning?

The Systems Learning Team offers two types of opportunities:

1. Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces organise and conduct virtual capacity building and learning sessions in the form of:

  • The Systems Change Learning Series – thematic, multi-part learning series on systems change and social innovation, and
  • The Fundraising Masterclass to enhance members’ skills on raising funds for their social ventures.

2. Knowledge Resource Platform

The Knowledge Resource Platform accesses and contributes to context-specific, knowledge resources for social innovators by social innovators on the Social Change Innovators platform.

Learning Spaces

Our goal is to build a dynamic learning community where social innovators share knowledge, exchange ideas and strengthen collaborations, collectively addressing societal challenges and promoting positive global change. To support this goal, we offer the Systems Learning Series and the Fundraising Masterclass.

The Systems Learning Series focuses on amplifying the systems change movement by facilitating a continuous learning journey from, and for, social innovators. The series enables members to make an impact, in particular a systems level impact, by developing new methods and techniques for systems change work.

The Fundraising Masterclass aims to equip members with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively identify and raise funds for their social ventures. These quarterly workshops explore diverse areas of fundraising, fostering global connections and insights from established fundraisers.

What learning spaces offer

  • Tools and knowledge to enhance systems understanding and practical skills to drive meaningful social impact, including raising funds.
  • Opportunities to learn collaboratively and leverage collective wisdom in spaces where members actively share and receive insights and perspectives.
  • A deep dive into diverse thematic areas, fostering holistic learning and building a cohesive understanding of topics.

How to attend learning series sessions

If you are interested in attending the upcoming Catalyst 2030 Learning Series, check out our event calendar and select the registration link. To view previous recordings, visit the systems learning series page.

Knowledge Resource Platform

Social Change Innovators is an open-source platform of knowledge resources for social impact innovators catering to multiple regions, backgrounds and topic areas. Our goal is to create synergy between social entrepreneurs and social impact leaders working in the field of social innovation to achieve systems-level impact.

What the Knowledge Resource Platform offers

  • Open-source free resources sorted by topics, regions and stakeholder group
  • A platform for finding relevant tools to strengthen organisational development
  • Recommendations for events, books, online courses and job opportunities
  • Space for sharing your knowledge resources with others

How to access the SCI website

  • Go to
  • Click on register in the top right corner and fill in the information requested, and
  • Navigate through all the resources available at the portal.

Joining is completely free.

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