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Emotional Check-in

Member's Emotional Check-in

What are Emotional Check-ins?

“What gets measured, gets managed”

Most of us have heard this line in the context of management. Rarely do we think of it as applicable to our own health and wellbeing. By supporting the wellbeing of social impact leaders we can build stronger leaders, more resilient organisations and ultimately generate more social impact.

Thanks to our partnership with Manah Wellness, we’re inviting all our members to participate in a two- step Emotional Check-in that will help evaluate their emotional wellness through 6 key parameters and guide them towards better emotional wellbeing.

What Emotional Check-ins offer

  • Provides support for social impact leaders to strengthen their wellbeing self-awareness.
  • Provides social impact leaders the opportunity to identify risks inherent to their environment and start taking action to bridge those gaps.
mental health and wellbeing

How to get started

If you´re ready to take the first step, please fill in the digital assessment and receive the preliminary report.

Following the assessment, you will be able to book a personal session with an emotional health coach in order to discuss your wellbeing goals and recommendations.

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