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We are collaborating with social entrepreneurs and funders to provide our members with the fundraising resources they need to realise their missions and accelerate progress towards the SDGs by 2030.

Catalyst 2030 is committed to developing an enabling environment where social entrepreneurs can achieve their full potential. Through feedback from our members, we learnt that a majority of social entrepreneurs experience challenges when it comes to fundraising and building a fundraising strategy. This page is designed as a central location for our members to learn from fundraising experts within and beyond our network as well as from one another. 

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Systems Change Funding: Lessons from Funders in India

Dasra and Catalyst 2030 co-hosted the second in a series of global conversations for funders on the future of funding systems change.
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Systems Change Funding: Practical Next Steps for Moving to Action

While there may not be a perfect process, there are pathways forward and tools that can accelerate the journey towards more equitable systems change funding practices.

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Fundraising Masterclass | Session 2: The Anatomy of the Funder Visit

The workshop focused on developing effective messaging for fundraising, driving the visit flow and navigating the ‘ask’ itself.

Fundraising Masterclass - session 1

Catalyst 2030 Fundraising Workshop

These sessions are designed to allow our members to learn together with fellow members, fundraisers, and funders from across the globe.

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Fundraising for your Chapter or Collaboration: Lessons from the Catalyst 2030 Brazil Chapter

Over the last year, Catalyst 2030’s Brazil Chapter has made huge progress on its fundraising strategy and targets.

Systems Change Business Case Development Tool

Catalyst 2030 Business Case Development Tool

Catalyst 2030 Business Case Development Tool serves as a helpful communication tool or reference guide in your conversation with stakeholders.

Funding pipeline tool

Managing your donor pipeline: top tips and ideas

A systematic process to keep track of where you are in the donor and prospect lifecycle is crucial for any successful fundraising strategy.

Fundraising Resources

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