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Collaboration Resources

This space is for sharing useful resources that support members on their collaborative systems change journeys.

These will be continually updated as we learn from your experiences. Contact us to advise what you need and direct us to resources which you find particularly helpful.

Contact us via our collaborations feedback form, or directly at

Learning for Collaborations Videos

Harnessing the Power of Data for Collaborations

Data is essential for designing, implementing, and evaluating collaborations, but knowing where to start in a world abundant with information can be overwhelming. During this session, Elena Prieto of Play Verto, Yau Ben Or of Rural Senses, and Rana Djani of We Love Reading shared their approach to capturing & utilising data in an equitable, inclusive, and collaborative way.

The Nuts and Bolts of Collaboration Models

When the social challenges we face are complex, there’s no one right way to approach them. Collaboration is necessary to enact systems change, but it can be overwhelming choosing your exact approach. In a Q&A with two Catalyst 2030 Collaboration Leads, we explore two collaboration models that respond to two different circumstances. The Covid Action Collaboration, co-led by Sandip Pattanayak is a rapid emergency response collaborative working to provide COVID-19 relief across India. Bound Beyond led by Steve Waddell is a long-term collaboration working to transform our economic system into a regenerative model. These collaborations differ in scope, thematic areas and scale. Sandip and Steve compared approaches to the formation, planning, design and trajectory of their systems changing initiatives. They explain how their context influenced their collaboration models.

Systems Work & Collaboration: Putting the two together to create lasting collective change with Cynthia Rayner

Cynthia Rayner, a researcher, writer and lecturer, affiliated to the University of Cape Town shares her insights on collaboration through the lens of her recent book, The Systems Work of Social Change. Drawing from years of research, Cynthia shares three key principles and subsequent tactics for collaborative systems change- cultivating a collective identity, embracing context and reconfiguring power.

How Collaboration Can Change the World

Dr. Rana Dajani, a Jordanian scientist and social entrepreneur, shares insights into how deep collaboration can change the world. Her organisation, We Love Reading, now has more than 7,000 Reading Ambassadors who expose underprivileged children in 62 countries to the power and excitement of reading. In this conversation with Catalyst member, Winthrop Carty, Rana outlines her trust-based philosophy of collaboration and her perspective as a biologist who values the organic growth of networks to address the world’s challenges.

Designing for Collaboration with Jacob Mathew

Collaborating to solve wicked problems is no easy task. We asked Jacob Mathew to share his wisdom on one of many tools that can make collaboration a bit easier: design thinking. In a call to think with the future and with empathy, Jacob introduced us to long term visioning – a core principle of design thinking. If you’d like to think through the different workshop activities that were used in the breakout sessions, follow along on the post: Look Deeper, Listen More Carefully.

Collaborating for Systems Change

How can social entrepreneurs really scale and accelerate their actions for systems change? By collaborating with each other is the simple answer to what may be seen as a complex ask. We put some tough questions to our Chief Facilitator, Jeroo Billimoria on how best to understand each other and work together to realise our dreams. Here’s the conversation from one of those sessions.

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