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5 June 2023 | Chapter News

Catalyst 2030 has 43 country chapters and 5 regional chapters as of June 2023

The May General Assembly celebrated Catalyst 2030’s global reach with its theme “Around the world”, welcoming new members who have joined the movement and introducing the recently established Chapters. These Chapters shared their areas of focus and we can look forward to many new collaborations in the future. And under Team Focus, we introduce you to the Chapters team.

While C2030’s network brings together individuals and organisations committed to creating positive impact, its diverse Chapters around the world create a collaborative ecosystem where innovation thrives and the transformative solutions of the collective take shape.

Building Local Connections

From bustling cities to remote rural communities, Catalyst 2030’s network of Chapters span continents, bridging cultures and diverse perspectives. By activating Chapters in different regions, the network ensures that it is deeply rooted in local contexts and can effectively address local and region-specific challenges. Chapters serve as a local nucleus of change, each driving local action and sparking collaboration, knowledge sharing and collective roblem-solving. Through ongoing events, workshops and collaborations, the network members leverage their collective expertise, resources and experiences to create sustainable solutions.

Find out more on the Catalyst 2030 Chapters page.

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